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Our Company

Eagle Eye Drone services which is based in Castlebar Co Mayo provides a professional service using cutting edge drone and UAV technology throughout Mayo and Connaught. Qualified and certified to fly drones/UAV in Irish Airspace by the Irish Aviation Authority. Trying to make aerial photography, surveying & filming more affordable

Aerial Photography
Sometimes, you need to get high above your subject to get a real great photograph. We use aerial photography to reach otherwise impossible heights!
Whether you’re looking for dramatic architecture or a photo of your house from above, we can catch professional aerial photography which will capture the whole picture.
If you’re looking for high resolution aerial photos or images look no further. Using the latest Drones/UAV technology we can capture aerial images from 400ft /120 meters.

Drone Survey and Inspection
We provide aerial inspection services using Vertical Take Off and Landing Using the latest Drones/UAV technology fitted with high resolution inspection cameras. If improving workplace safety is important to your business, remote air inspection services reduces the risk of falls and accidents.
Drone Surveys and Inspections can be done on the following industries:

  • Building and Construction Industry
  • Wind Turbine Inspection
  • Solar Panel Inspection
  • Roof and chimneys
  • Forestry
  • Critical infrastructure inspections

Aerial Video/Cinematography
Whether it’s for Auctioneers, Travel and Tourism, Events Sport and Leisure, Agriculture, Marketing, or Event Management, we make aerial video more affordable.
Using the latest Drones/UAV technology we can shoot high resolution still photos and videos in 4K. We can provide you with the raw footage or provide a full service video production service through our partners.

3D Photogrammetry
UAV photogrammetry imaging applications are increasing rapidly. This is not surprising as using GPS enabled UAVs for aerial surveying is very cost effective in comparison to hiring an aircraft with photogrammetry equipment.
3D Images and Mapping.
Eagle Eye Drone Services specialise in 3D Images and 3D mapping. Our drone (UAV) pilots are very experienced in land surveying and construction.
For greater detail in our 3D mapping we take oblique aerial images at 30° and 45 ° angles flying around objects at different altitudes, in addition to flying the normal overlapping lawnmower path regular grid pattern. As all the images are geo-referenced, these additional oblique images add depth and detail to the final 3D rendered model when the images are draped over the wire frame mesh.
Eagle Eye’s drones can fly an average of 60-80 acres in around 24 minutes without the need to land to change a battery. On every
job we carry spare batteries. It only takes a few minutes to change the battery and get back in air. So we are able to fly all day without disruption.

What Our Clients Says

Eagle Eye Drones did a fantastic job for us from start to finish. – Fantastic Work
Absolutely delighted with the work Eagle Eye Drones done for us. -Great Job
G. Lavelle
Top Quality Work from the word go from Eagle Eye Drones. –Would Highly Recommend
P. Johnson
Delighted with the project Eagle Eye Drones done for us. – Great Service
K. Donaldson